The links bookmarked on this site are organized in categories that partially correspond to sections of my book on how to manage translation projects. The content of some categories is introduced by extracts from this book.

Below I’ve also included the category descriptions that appear as tooltips in the Categories menu and the sidebar area.

When submitting a link to an article, if you’re not sure which category to choose, just add it to ‘zMiscellaneous‘ and I’ll do the sorting for you.

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Section covering information on the education of translation project participants

References to translation courses, articles written by teachers or students, training organized for and by professionals in the sector, etc.

Information on useful material for translation projects



Section on translation project management from both a freelancer’s and a project manager’s point of view

Articles on management tasks that are relevant for all translation project players

Information on rates, quotations and everything price-related

Information on schedules, time management, deadlines, etc.

Articles focusing on the project manager’s side of translation management



Section on the main players in the translation market

Information for and about clients requiring translations

Information for and about freelancers on the translation market

Information for and about translation companies



Section grouping articles on the various tasks involved in a translation project

Articles on the translation task itself

Articles on the revision/review of translated texts

Information on tasks such as linguistic QA, target SEO optimization, DTP, testing, debugging, multilingual website building, etc.



Articles on terminology


Translation tools

Information on CAT tools, MT and other tools used by translators, project managers, technical specialists, etc.




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